The brief
When it comes to wealth management and investing, there are a lot of solutions, but they usually result in expensive coffee talks in fancy office buildings with marble flooring. 
By harnessing digital opportunities, ABN AMRO was looking to launch a platform for people with considerable wealth who need help investing, but don't trust traditional wealth managers to do that for them. Exclusively digital, but with access to professional wealth coaches only one click away.
This is why we embarked on a journey with them to create Prospery; the answer to the old-fashioned way of doing private banking.
Phase 1: TESTING Value proposition
​​​​​​​This project was divided into two projects. The first part (2017) was the inception phase where we defined the value proposition, style and preliminary design for the project and the brand. 
We designed everything ranging from finding the best geographical location to establish the platform, to testing the right tone-of-voice and the product features with our potential customers. After 4 months, by going through our designs with over 140 respondents, we finally found the right formula to start executing the final product.

A few of the many screens we asked the respondents to go through

Phase 2: Platform execution
The second part was the production phase. Which began with setting up an atomic design system for the platform, which loosely based on Google’s material design. Afterwards we divided the designers into two teams: generic (interface, structure and flow) and investing. The main challenge here was to keep the design cohesive over time & over different teams, with the added challenge of transferring all the production overseas and keeping a close loop on that.
In the end, we launched the MVP version of a completely functioning responsive platform, all within a year from the first kickoff meeting. 
The entire application consists of a wealth aggregation overview, an investment fund managing subscription (with procedural sign-up flow including a risk test) and an online wealth manager web conferencing functionality.

Starting guide of the investing platform (in German), toll!

Role: Lead interaction design while working at Fabrique
Project done in collaboration with: Virtual Affairs, Deloitte, ABN Amro, Superbruut, UX Delta, Thomasvansante
Awarded with two 2018 Silver DIA’s for Service and for Digital Transformation
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