Part of the rebranding was creating product videos that capture the elegance & quality of the product as well as the subtle light effects it has on the room. Shot in a studio.

With Fabrique's longstanding relationship with Luxaflex, they came to us when they decided it was time to re-vitalise their on-line presence. 
In a very small team composed of the art director and myself, we set out on a journey to re-evaluate the brand experience and create a concept that puts the LUX back in Luxaflex.
what are you looking for?
After a deep dive into the customer journey and an extensive number of 'problem interviews', we had a concrete idea of the selection process potential buyers go through. 
We identified two major problems with the current web experience:
1. Window decoration products are very tangible products. People want to see and to feel the products; up-close, from a distance and the effect the blinds have on a room. The previous website left too much for interpretation. 

2. The previous website was also really factual and went too much into details. It assumed people already knew what they were looking for and were just coming to the website to seal the deal. But they we're not. They want to see the range of products, they want to get inspired to do more research or be to be persuaded to go for a specific product. 

The collection of design elements that form a cohesive design and a continuous story,
but that are created as building blocks so each product can follow its own pace and narrative.

Craftmanship and inspiration
We translated this into a rebranding that portrays Luxaflex as the AAA-brand when it comes to window decoration. 
Switching out stagnant photos and feature lists, we created custom-made videos that show you the product an why it is special. With interactive components highlighting the product features, you an actually see what set Luxaflex apart. To top it off we launched an inspiration tool that gives prospects a means to configure their perfect room.

We came up with a fresh and premium online presence to help the user make a decision on the right window decoration and to get them to the dealer: well-informed and excited about the quality and service Luxaflex has to offer.

One of the follow-up projects in the same spirit of the rebranding was the inspiration / configurator. 
Also know as the 'inspigurator'. Such a shame that phrase never did catch on...

Role: Interaction designer at Fabrique.
Video production: DisPlay Productvideo’s​​​​​​​
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