Kunsthal.nl’s calendar type interactivity deconstructed

The Brief
"How can we highlight and celebrate the impressive history of exhibitions in a museum that doesn't have its own private collection of art?" Great question! It was also the question the people at the Kunsthal had when they were looking to renovate their website. 
We came up with a concept that underlines Kunsthal's unique position as an art depot with temporary exhibitions, rather than a standard museum. By showing off a timeline of activities we managed to capture the uniqueness in a visually pleasing, but also highly informative experience.
We’ve given each exhibition the chance to shine and stand out - even when the exhibitions have ended. That way, the temporary exhibitions are transformed beyond static announcements into a collection of events.
a collection of exhibitions
The concept aims to capture the spirit of transcience by showing all exhibitions on a timeline. This way it also functions as an archive, where the user can travel back in time to see exhibitions from years ago. 
The rows in the calendar originate from the different spaces located in the Kunsthal building (designed by Rem Koolhaas). Each row represents a hall and shows all exhibitions - past, present and future - for that specific space.

The full-screen calendar on the homepage of Kunsthal.nl.

Role: Interaction design while working at Fabrique 
Technical expertise: Bedrock
Awarded with 2016 IF Communication Design Award
and a Bronze European Design Award.
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