I’m Maarten van Sprang, an interaction designer with more than 10 years of experience with users under my belt.
Me (left) at my previous side-project Kaf & Koren (brewery)

Me (left) at my side-project Kaf & Koren (brewery)

My experience ranges from working with a startup for the last year and a half (DashTag), to working within several agencies (Fabrique, Humanique & Mirabeau) the years prior. Now, I am available for freelance projects.
Hire me if you’re looking for a UX specialist:

- who is an interaction designer first and foremost (who loves making apps and web-based interfaces)
- who can make digital experiences tangible, intuitive and fun
- who understands human behaviour and strives go for the perfect symbiosis between your company goals and end-user destination
- who can keep an eye on the bigger picture while also diving into the nitty gritty details
- who strongly believes in the concept of a minimal lovable product; every shippable product can be very basic, but should feel polished and awesome
- who thinks lorem ipsum belongs in a museum (and good copy should be considered design)
- who speaks different languages (developer lingo, marketing speak, corporate talk) and can act as a translator so everyone understands what the hell is going on
Besides UX
I was born in the south but I'm now happily stuck in Rotterdam. I love the city life, but also deeply enjoy the great outdoors. I like my craft beers quadruple dry-hopped or pitch black & bourbon barrel aged. 
I like my showers nice and cold and my sauce nice and hot. I really want to travel in Japan again, but when I'm not doing that I can at least take comfort in a nice bowl of shiru-nashi tantanmen. 
If I'm holding my phone in landscape mode I'm probably playing Star Wars (GOH), and if I'm not holding my phone I'm known to grab a pair of drumsticks. 
Currently listening to: Whitney, DIIV, Totem Skin, These New South Whales, David Bowie, but also other stuff
Connect with me on LinkedIn, email me, or give me a call (06 1418 7139) if you want to talk business.
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