The Brief
In a world where more and more companies are converting to services-based models, one thing was missing: a smart renewal service for all the pantry stuff you do not want to think about (👉🧻) . That’s why PostNL came to Fabrique with the request to help them launch a new corporate venture. 
Concept & challenges
We started with workshops to draw out the customer journey; we wanted to understand the whole process; from finding out you’re running low on peanut butter, to getting your first delivery, and tweaking your smart suggestions week over week. After taking in the learnings of the customer journey, and mapping them on the product flow, we found out we were running into a couple of challenges.

Stockon flowfest; every part in the journey has its own specific rules and paths to take into account

The biggest challenge was transforming the mental model of our users from something that looks like an ordinary shopping experience into the realization that they are looking at an automated delivery subscription. Because the products (like peanut butter) are exactly the same in both instances, we had to really educate the user to our concept. 
That’s why we made a clear distinction between your stock (light background, the stuff you like to have in your house, your favourites) and the delivery (blue background, the stuff the system thinks you probably need base on your household and usage).

The two 'worlds' in the Stockon app: 
The light side containing your stock and the dark side containing your next delivery

Another challenge was the fact that Stockon’s product offering was limited to preservable foods, cleaning supplies, and health & dental products. So, to make clear to the users what kind of ‘shelfable products’ we offer, we designed a Tinder-like product discovery feature. In this feature, the system goes through various product categories and presents the user with the most popular product in that category. That way, through serendipity, we help the user complete his or her stock.

The 'product Tinder' feature; helping the user construct their digital storage while also educating them on Stockon's specific product offering

Role: Interaction design at Fabrique
Technical realisation: Q42
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